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Mike D was best known for turning his tragedies into triumphs. He dug into the heart of issues most avoid and exposed them with both comic relief and thoughtful lecture.

Growing up Mike had a hard and tough youth. He had a drug and substance abuse addiction,  which eventually lead to becoming HIV positive. At the lowest of lows, he managed to dig his way out and turn his life around. Once clean he set out to help others that suffered with addiction by going on the road and holding talks that used comedy as a way of healing and brutal honesty as a way of eye opening. 

Mike soon realized that he was actually pretty funny and started hitting the comedy circuit, quickly became a well known name at all the top clubs.  

Through all his success Mike never forgot where he came from and who he was truly doing this for. To him, it was his duty to show people that can suck sometimes, but there's always a way to turn it around. There's always a new beginning if you want it. We could always recover.


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