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Who is Mike DeStefano?  Some knew him as the comedian that cursed out the country on Last Comic Standing, some knew him as the fearless comedian that earned the respect of his peers, others knew him as the friend and counselor to the recovery community.

Mike dedicated his life to making people laugh and helping addicts through the Rehabilitation process.  A no holds barred personality that was rough and scary on the exterior, but had a loving Buddhist heart inside.  Those that knew him, loved him.  

Looking at his life in reverse from his sudden death, plays out in an inspirational tale that seems like fiction.  Mike had a purpose, a message that he wanted to share.  This documentary will showcase Mike’s life, journey and plight through interviews from family, friends, fellow comedians, and all those he touched in the recovery community.
Along with never before seen footage of Mike himself conducting interviews, helping addicts, and making people laugh.  Step inside Mike's life and come out of the experience enlightened.
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